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What?  So What?  Now What?


What are the facts?

A critical first step in any data analysis is understanding the business landscape and context you operate in.  How many customers do you have?  What do they tend to buy?  Who are your most loyal customers and what behaviors define them?  Where do they live and what do their demographics suggest about them?  These are basic facts that frame any data-based decision-making.  

•    Business and Customer Profiles

•    Customer Lifecycle Analysis

•    Response Analytics

•    Value-based Segmentation

So What?

What does it mean?

Diving below the surface of mere observation to discover statistical correlations that link actions to outcomes will help you achieve laser focus in marketing activities.   What triggers a customer to purchase?  Are there more precise ways to segment and target than by a customer's most recent actions?  Which customers have the highest potential to increase their commitment to your organization?  Which customers pose the greatest risk of attrition?     


•    Predictive Modeling

Now What?

How should you respond?

Excellent data analysis without thoughtful response and action is wasteful.  Blue Fox analytics suggest specific and actionable outcomes.  Our counsel helps you determine the best path from analysis to action.  What are the most critical next steps to support and grow your customer base?  What are your emerging opportunities to improve and how can you do it efficiently?  What data should you collect in order to test, measure, and respond to the changing dynamics of your customers?

•    Custom Counsel

Every data project is unique.  Blue Fox customizes solutions to fit the client need.  

Contact us, so we can help you answer your organization's Essential Questions.

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