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Innovative, Agile, and Affordable

Scientists believe that foxes have a sixth-sense that help them survive in harsh winter environments.  Their keen hearing and ability to sense the earth's magnetic field helps them locate and plot a precise trajectory to pounce on unsuspecting prey buried deep out of sight in the snow. 


Blue Fox draws inspiration from these most intelligent and enterprising creatures.


Blue Fox delivers customized data solutions that are innovative, agile, and affordable.  Trust Blue Fox to find valuable consumer insights buried in the snow drifts of data your organization has accumulated.


Will Lester


For more than 20-years Will has been a leading consultant and data analyst in the non-profit sector.  Will is credited with bringing new segmentation and modeling techniques to the industry and developing innovative practices around community cultural list exchange.  Will has a Master of Science in Customer Analytics from Xavier University in Cincinnati with a heavy focus on business analytics for consumer packaged goods and retail, and is a Certified Professional Direct Marketer from the Direct Marketing Association.  Will lives in Union, Kentucky, a suburb of Cincinnati, with his wife and children.

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